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The following is a list of things I'm working on in my study of budō.

In aikidō

  • Take more initiative in randori. (In progress)

In iaidō

  • Nukitsuke: Get good sayabanare when making nukitsuke strikes; avoid flicking motions. (In progress)
  • Cut outwards, not downwards. (In progress)
  • Ensure feet face forwards! (In progress)
  • Avoid bobbing my head when cutting from jōdan no kamae. (Under control)
  • When performing a tsuki attack, don't lower the kissaki.
  • Ganmenate: tsuki using hips. (In progress)
  • Ukenagashi: aim cut correctly. (In progress)

In kendō

  • Increase distance of ashisabaki sliding movements. (In progress)
  • Keep left hand on the centre-line. (Under control)

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