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In Japanese budō and bujutsu, kuzushi (崩し) is the act of unbalancing an opponent or partner. This act of unbalancing is often fundamental to these arts because it facilitates throws and joint locks whilst simultaneously impairing the opponent's ability to continue their attack. When one person has unbalanced another, they are said to have achieved kuzushi.

The concepts of ma (timing) and maai (distance) are critical to achieving kuzushi. Atemi (strikes to the body) may also be employed to achieve and maintain kuzushi. Taisabaki (body work) allows the manipulation of a person according to their structural stability; moving a person's hara away from their feet can often lead to kuzushi.

In aikidō, irimi is the principle of entering towards uke to a position where uke cannot effectively attack and where kuzushi may be established.

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