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The following disclaimers should be read before using the information on this site.


Any content you find on this website is free to use, copy, distribute or modify, without constraint, provided that an attribution is given declaring the original source. All content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence (CC BY 3.0).


I can make no guarantees of the accuracy of the content on this site. The most I can say is that I do not permit myself to lie to others, so I will not attempt to intentionally deceive anyone - there may, nevertheless, be mistakes. The information recorded here represents my own beliefs at the time of writing, but I am aware that much of any person's beliefs are likely to be incorrect, and I cannot guard against this.


I feel a little silly writing this but hopefully you won't read something here about swords or wrist locks and injure yourself or someone else, but if you do, don't sue me! Everything written here should be considered to be purely academic unless you are willing to assume full personal responsibility for your actions and your own well-being.