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19 Dec

Programming’s not for everyone


I used to think, as I suspect that most people think, that near enough everyone can learn to program if they were to put their mind to it. Recently I’ve been questioning this idea, and now I think probably not everyone can – probably less even than half. There seems to be a lot of websites out there encouraging everyone to learn to program, but I think all these programmes are necessarily doomed to failure if their intention is genuinely to get general society to understand programming.

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08 Dec

Why I learnt Esperanto


Recently I’ve been learning Esperanto.  Esperanto is a man-made, consciously planned language that has no geographical region associated with it, nor a collected populace, and because of this it can rightly be seen as an unusual choice to learn as far as languages go.  The usual reasons for learning a language generally don’t apply with Esperanto.

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