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August 2013 - Journal of Interest
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29 Aug

Truth and lies


On my way to work today I was thinking about abstract things, and I came across the interesting question of whether a statement is truthful if, only by the fact of saying it, it becomes true.  The example I was thinking of was the following: Imagine a person, me, and I want to go swimming with two beautiful girls (philosophy can be so enjoyable sometimes).  I ask one of them, Jane, “will you go swimming with me?” She replies, “I will, but only if Sarah comes with us.” So I go to Sarah and ask her the same question, and she replies, “I will, but only if Jane is coming too.”

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28 Aug

Welcome to Journal of Interest

Journal of Interest

Hello and welcome to the Journal of Interest blog.

Journal of Interest originally started as a place for me to share my essays, and subsequently evolved to host my wiki, Budōka, for recording technical notes from my practice of Japanese martial arts (aikido, iaido and jodo).  Now I’ve added this blog, integrated with the essays, to allow me to share shorter writings and thoughts on a variety of subjects, including philosophy, psychology, society, self-improvement and martial arts, as well as day-to-day things such as recent training, ideas, book reviews, and so on.  By writing here often, I hope to be able to both improve as a writer and also provide myself and others with a record of my progression in thoughts and skills, alongside things I’ve found interesting or useful.

I have a fierce interest in self-improvement, and this website is primarily the result of that.  One of my principal ambitions in life is to promote the virtues of compassion and rationality; this website has in a way become a manifestation of this, considering that often writing will naturally seek to promote its author’s values.  I’d like to write enough to one day consider myself an essayist and, if possible, I’d like to influence others in what little ways I find in my power.

To read more about me or this website, check out the about page.  Otherwise, feel free to check out my essays, thoughts or the blog itself.  I hope the occasional reading of my writing here will prove of interest. :)